Empty the caches, quèsaco?

You've probably heard about the term "empty the cache" of an internet browser. Behind these somewhat mysterious words is actually a clear explanation: the Internet cache is actually all files and cookies stored on your hard drive by the browser.

How to use Facebook?

Did your entourage convince you to join Facebook? The platform makes it possible to keep in touch with your loved ones. Remember these tips to get the most out of it. Find Lost Friends Go to the "Find Friends" section and enter the information you have (name, city, etc.).

Nudes, artists dance with drones (video)

The drones invest all the mediums, including ... the art! In this video, made by Japanese clothing and accessories brand Buyma, a ballet is performed by a couple of naked artists on stage ... or almost (they kept their socks, we still do not understand why!) . On the music of Swan Lake, its designer fly four drones carrying sheets of paper that hide what we can not see ... a surprising millimeter choreography.

The size of condoms revised downwards ...

Would Uncle Sam's country be presumptuous about the virility of his compatriots? This can be seen from a recent study revealing that the size of condoms marketed in the United States is far too high compared to that of the average American penis! The work, led by Deeby Hebernick, an expert on sexual health at Indiana University, is a study of 1,661 men.

Shortage of butter: 5 foods to replace

Butter is becoming increasingly scarce on supermarket shelves, especially in the west of the country. Rising demand, rehabilitation of animal fats and annual crop failures are responsible for this unprecedented shortage. If professionals predicted this crisis for a few months now, consumers themselves are often taken aback.

Want a sex toy, I assume!

According to an Ifop survey published last February, 49% of French women and 47% of French people aged 18 to 69 have already used these sex toys. Above all, 75% of women say they are ready to test if their partner offers them one, 81% for men. Contrary to popular belief, these toys are used more during sexual intercourse than alone.